Nature itself is the best physician

— Hippocrates

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Glorious Health Retreats

The body has an inherent ability to heal provided the tools from Nature

— a core belief at Glorious Health Retreats

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Recharge and Renew

Let’s get healthy together in this nature cure focused retreat! This is an opportunity to change your life in an immersive experience with your Naturopathic doctor and team of practitioners devoted to your wellbeing. 

We combine traditional healing with modern technology to bring you the most healing in a short amount of time. Instead of going on vacation, overindulging, and returning home depleted, come with us and leave feeling recharged and renewed!

Our Approach

Doctor-Led Experience
Nutrition and Diet

Holistic Approach to Healing

Homeopathic Healthcare

Personalized Care Plans

Glorious Health Retreats provides a personalized and comprehensive approach to wellness, optimizing health and promoting long-term well-being beyond the typical spa or vacation.

Personalized Treatment Plans

During our retreats that include overnight stays you will follow a complete personalized treatment plan provided by a Naturopathic Physician.

It may include supplements, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, drainage therapy, and specific dietary modifications.

Your stay will consist of daily yoga and meditation practices, massage and hydrotherapy treatments, organic plant based nutrition and fasting, informational classes on healthy lifestyle and cooking techniques, all taking place within a community of practitioners devoted to your healing!

Note: our single day retreats do not include personalized treatment plans and may not include yoga, depending on the specific focus of the retreat. Check our social media or contact us for retreat-specific details.

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