The Experience


functional labs

Comprehensive Functional Labs

Our goal is to give you a deeper understanding of what your labs are telling us and to reach OPTIMAL levels for all your health markers.

IV therapy

IV Therapy

This is the fastest way to get minerals and vitamins delivered straight into the bloodstream. This therapy is only available at some retreats.

herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

Humans have used plants as medicine since the beginning of time! They are both gentle and effective when used wisely.

yin yang

Chinese Medicine

A form of medicine developed thousands of years ago that continues to prove effective! Different therapeutic modalities are used to improve the flow of Qi and balance yin/yang.

homeopathy vial


A form of energetic medicine that treats the person from the inside out. It works on healing all levels of the being – mind, body, and spirit.


Drainage Therapy

Combination remedies based on traditional chinese medicine, ayurveda, homeopathy, and botanical medicine that work on stimulating detoxification through opening the emunctories of the body.



Simply put, treatment with water! Hot and cold water treatments recirculate the blood and promote detoxification. Different types of therapies are chosen based on specific health concerns.



We all love this one! The power of touch relaxes both the mind and the body, while promoting blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.



Your cells are literally built from the food you put in your body; to build healthy cells you have to eat healthy! You will learn exactly how to do this while at Glorious Health Retreats.

fasting icon

Fasting (Juice and Water)

Juicing is a way to get a LOT of nutrition in your body fast! Water fasting allows your body to break down the unhealthy cells and to begin renewing itself.



A body in motion stays in motion! This is our way of keeping you moving with gentle exercise during your stay.



Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease in today’s society. We will explore different relaxation techniques to help us become more resilient to stress.


Bilateral Nasal Specific Therapy

Adjustment of the nasal bones which allows cerebrospinal fluid and blood in the brain to circulate more freely.


Sound Healing

Sound produces energy at different frequencies that can stimulate different organs in the body and can help us enter a parasympathetic (relaxed) state of being.

post retreat

Post-Retreat Care

What happens when you leave the retreat? Is it all over? No! We will give you a take home plan to continue on your path to wellness. You also have the option to follow us in our private practice, Holisma Healthcare.

Retreat themes


Women's Retreats


Couples Retreats

orange juice

Fasting (Water / Juice)


Spring / Fall Cleansing / Detox


Spiritual & Emotional Wellbeing


Winter Getaway / New Year's Intention


Corporate Retreats


We strive to take you to the most serene, healing, and preserved natural escapes! A sample of our locations include forest and tropical escapes in Oregon, Washington, California, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Greece, Bulgaria, Thailand, Mexico and more.

Sample Schedule

7:30 – 8:30

Yoga and Meditation

8:30 – 9:30


9:30 – 12:30

AM Therapies / Workshop

12:30 – 1:30


1:45 – 5

PM Therapies / Workshop

5 – 6

Healthy Living Class

6 – 7


7 – 8

Free Time

8 – 9

Cacao Ceremony / Sound Healing / Earthing

*There will be free time to enjoy the surroundings sprinkled between therapies*